Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Final Countdown...

Ola - S.O.S

This song is what Pop music is all about. Upbeat, Catchy, Energetic, Hard Hitting and Unapolegetic! Songs like this are rare nowadays... of coarse the only country it seems that is still willing to reward songs like this is Sweden of coarse! This song is SO CLOSE to being in my final top 5 of the year... but when I put it up against the other songs it just didn't measure up. Still the song is one of the best of the year... and definitely places in my top ten for the year. Ola has had a great year in Sweden and let's hope he gives us more like S.O.S in 2008!

Did you know that on May 18th Celine Dion released a french album 'D'elles' which was her 34th album in her career? Did you know that the album entered the album charts at Number 1 in Canada, France and Belgium? The album is one of the top 5 best selling albums of the year in Canada. She recorded two French television specials for the album both shot to the number one spot for ratings in Quebec and France. Celine has garnered a lot of attention for her new English album 'Taking Chances' but she continues to record in France in many french speaking countries. These songs are definitely worth mentioning in 2007.

Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race

If one were to write a book on popular music in the year 2007 you would have to devote a chunk of that book to Fall Out Boy. The band that has been around since 2001 finally hit the mainstream this year with the lead single from their 4th album 'This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race.' The band has had a great yaer with 4 hit singles. I've always found them to actually be quite curious. I really don't know much about them besides Pete Wentz is in the band. He's the only one you ever really hear about and he isn't even the lead vocalist! I always wonder how the rest of the band feels about the fact that he has become the band's unofficial leader, at least in the public eye. Although it is understandable as he is quite fit ;) I honestly think it's a crime that Fall Out Boy were not nominated for any Grammy Awards this year... I think it says a lot about the credibility of these American Awards shows.

Matchbox 20 - How For We've Come

I posted this track here recently and after careful consideration I think it deserves a mention as one of my faves of the entire year. Rob Thomas really knows how to write a hit single and this track has hit written all over it. It's catchy and hard hitting... makes you want to get up and sing along for sure.


paul @ said...

I just commented on PPG how much i have been spinning the Danny disc but not really giving it it's due, and the same goes for Ola's album. Both very good, and both deserve much higher awareness than they currently have :) Oh and the MB20 song was one of the better comeback songs of the year :)

Anonymous said...

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