Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 - Best Breakthrough

2008 was a great year for pop music and over the next month I'm going to look back at some of my favorite songs and artists of 2008.

If you read this blog actively you'll notice that I've already posted about most of these artists multiple times over the year. If you haven't taken the time to discover these artists you're missing out!

Lady Gaga
Favorite Tracks - Boys, Boys, Boys; Poker Face; Just Dance

She taught her self to play the piano by ear at age 4, she wrote her first song at age 13 and at age 14 she was already performing in public. Lady Gaga was born to be a performer! Did you know that at age 19 she was signed to a record deal but was subsequently dropped before releasing any material? It wasn't until 2007 that she signed a deal with 'Interscope' and was hired as a song writer. She started singing demos of the songs she had written for other artists and the rest is history.

Her debut single was released in April 2008 and is still top 10 in the USA in January 2009! Lady Gaga is what many are calling "The Future Of Pop" and she is here to stay.

I was lucky enough to see her live in November and she is one of the most high energy performers I've ever seen!

Favorite Tracks: Go Go; Ten Thousand Nights; What Is Happening

Speaking of the next big thing Alphabeat have had a spectacular year! After making a name for themselves in Denmark the band set their sights on the Uk where they've firmly established themselves as a modern pop band after earning themselves a top 10 album and 3 top 20 singles.

Despite all their achievements the band was hit with some bad news last week when it was announced that the band has been dropped by their Uk record label. What will happen next for 'Alphabeat' seems to be undertermined but something tells me we haven't heard the last from the danish sextuplet.

The Ting Tings

Favorite Tracks: Great DJ; That's Not My Name

Not only are all my favorite breakthrough artists immensely talented but they're also fantastic live performers and they've all been turned down or dropped by various record labels.

Like Alphabeat, The Ting Tings have been together since 2004! The duo originally signed a record deal under the name "Dear Eskiimo" and were dropped soon after.

Turns out their being dropped was the best thing that could have happened to the british duo as they learnt that they had to take their career into their own hands. The band spent all of 2007 touring small gigs across the Uk making waves wherever they went. Their gigs soon started to sell out everywhere they went.

In January of last year the band was voted third in an annual "Acts Of 2008" list of emerging artists.

When their debut single "Great Dj" was finally released to mainstream radio it became an instant hit. Their second single "That's Not My Name" went number 1 in the Uk in the Spring and the band continue to tour across the world in support of their debut album.



Paul said...

I mightily concur with Alphabeat, only marginally less enthusiastic about Ting Tings but i must draw the line at the overrated BlahBlah though it does seem i am the only person in the world to feel that way :)

Troy said...

You dont like lady Blah Blah?!

How come??

You have to admit she's had a pretty big year though! And how can you resist singing along to "Just Dance! GONNA BE Ok!"

Anonymous said...

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