Monday, January 12, 2009

2008 - Best Not Quite Pop

Ok so hopefully this doesn't scare you all away because these songs are not typically the songs I would be posting but 2008 had a some fantastic songs that I happened to love that wouldn't normally be the kind of pop music that I would post on this site. These are songs that deserve to be mentioned because they're some of my favorite "Not Quite Pop" songs of the year.

I promise to post some fantastic cheesy pop songs very soon! I've got a bunch of new stuff to share with you all as soon as we get through these posts about 2008!

Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Coldplay proved again that they are the biggest band in the world thanks mostly in part to this track which is has to be my favorite "Not Quite Pop" song of the year. I had never even heard it until one day I saw them performing the track live on tv and my favorite part was the bell. The next night I bought the track on iTunes and it's been playing non stop for most of the year.

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
If you're a fan of music there's no way you can't fall for this track. Jason Mraz has a sweet voice, the song is fun and summery and very sweet. This song should be on everyones playlist this year.

The Killers - Human

Where did this song come from?! The Killers came back in a big way this year when Human was released. Did anyone else catch their amazing performance at the MTV Europe awards this year?

The Rasmus - Livin' In A World Without You

Most of you may have heard of The Rasmus with their international hit -In The Shadows. Earlier this year they released a new album and this was their first single. It was a huge hit in their native Finland with at least 6 weeks at number 1 there.

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

I cannot believe I'm supporting Kanye West in any way, but Love Lockdown is a unique track, very well produced and written. He may not be able to sing it live! But it is a fantastic track. The fact that he was able to appeal to a different kind of music fan with this track shows that despite how much of an ass he is... he is a talented musician.

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

A great track to YELL to!



Paul said...

Coldplay? Check. Jason MRaz. Check. The Killers? Check. I cannot get onboard the rasmus out boy train though :) Still 3 out of 5 tain't bad :)

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