Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 - Best Eurovision

So as most of you know I'm not a HUGE Eurovision follower as I tend to be completely consumed with Swedens national selection I tend to miss out on all the Eurovision frenzy. That doesn't mean I didn't have some songs really stick out for me and get a lof of personal airplay.

The songs listed below are my favorite NON SWEDISH Eurovision tracks that either either made it into or attempted to make it into the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

By far my favorite Eurovision track of 2008. There hasn't been a greater duo since Magnus Backlund and Jessica Andersson. I didn't love their album as much as I loved this track, but with outfits like this I forgive them for it. They were definitely the best dressed Eurovision act of the year. Their video is also one of the best pop videos of the year IMO.
So he stole Amy Diamonds song and his performance of this track was lame. The song is still one of my favorites of the year and easily steals second place.

Paolos performance may have been weak but at least he could sing his own song. No Angels on the other hand absolutely butchered their track - Dissapear. I really do think that if they had been allowed to lip synch their track they would have done much better. Unfortunately they came across as a pop band that couldn't produce when the time came.

4. Kostas Martakis - Always And Forever
I will never forget his fantastic performance of Always and Forever in the Greek national finals. This is also my favorite Eurovision CD cover of 2008! It may have something to do with those eyes.

5. Man Meadow - Viva La Musica
In the OGAE Second Chance 2008 competition, Man Meadow placed third overall based on fan votes. Unfortunately they never made it into the Eurovision Song Contest with this track.

6. Donal Shekan - Double Cross My Heart
Yet another song that never made it to the ESC after a miserable performance in the Irish pre-selection contest. Instead of sending this good ole Ireland chose to send a stuffed Turkey. Wow.

7. Kalomira - Secret Combination

The Greeks are on a roll at Eurovision lately! This track made it to the ESC and placed 3rd overall! It's a great track very sexy with an awesome beat.

8. Tereza Kerndlova - If You Wanna Have Some Fun
So this song is extremely 'dated' and part of me didn't want to include it on my list... but out of all the 2008 songs I did end up playing this one for about a month before I lost interest, so it makes an appearance as the last song on my Eurovision favorites list.

P.S. Apologies to Ani Lorak who I just discovered really today. I think if I had heard her track earlier it would have made it onto my favorites list!

PPS. WOW I can't believe how close the votes are in my poll for favorite Swedish single! You guys seem to be split between Agnes and Velvet!!



John said...

My favourites (aside from Sweden of course!)

Jelena - Oro [Serbia] - Beautiful and so classy!

Maria Haukaas Storeng - Hold On Be Strong [Norway] - Great modern pop ballad which was excellently performed and deservedly finished in the top 5. Plus she's in MF this year with Anna Sahlene! Omg!

Isis Gee - For Life [Poland] - She may have looked like a total tranny and oversung this a tad, but it's a lovely Disney-esque ballad which deserved much better than last place!

Aaron said...

I loved the first two - of course loved Charlotte & Ani - I was also a massive fan of Rebeka Dremelj - Easily the Standout of this year!

Troy said...

I really need to deveote more time to getting into ESC this year. Someone needs to take me under their ESC wing and get me to listen to all the songs!

John said...

Troy do you know Anna Sahlene's 2003 album 'It's Been A While'? It's fantastic! It was a hit in Japan I believe...

Troy said...


Do you know any links where i can hear it?

I have one of anna's albums and i wasnt too impressed with it :(

John said...

She only released two albums. It's Been A While and Photograph. Photograph wasn't very good sadly.

Do you have a Gmail or large email account?

Poster Girl said...

Troy, I meant to comment on this a few days ago, but it's so great to see some great tracks get deserved recognition here. I like every song you mentioned...and am particularly glad that someone else in the world likes "If You Wanna Have Some Fun," since almost everyone else seems to hate it (though I hugely prefer the original national final version to the version performed at Eurovision).

John's spot-on about Anna Sahlene and her two albums, too--you have to hear her first one.

While I'm commenting, I might as well add that I'm so glad you mentioned the Sarah Dawn Finer/Patrik Isaksson track a while back, too--I love it, almost put in on my 2007 list. It's total MOR, but it's MOR done really well and really touchingly.

Troy said...

Hey John,

Photograph is the album I bought... i bought it because i remembered that she sang Runaway... which I LOVED... and when I heard that there was no song even close to runaway on the album ... i was pretty disapointed. Ill have to check out that other one you mentioned though.

PPG: haha yeah If you wanna have some fun... you know... it is what it is! And I LOVE Patrik Issakson!

John said...

I loved Patrik's song Elddon.

I can send you some Sahlene highlights if you have a Gmail account...

Anonymous said...

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