Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2008 - Favorite Singles

So far you've seen some of my favorite breakthrough artists, my favorite Swedish singles and some of the best not quite pop songs of the year.

Now here's a top 20 selection of some of my favorite miscellaneous pop songs of the year. It's just a coincidence that most of the tracks come from British artists! I tried to organize and rank them from high to low but all of these songs got a lot of play from me this year and I like them all for various reasons.

Disclaimer - I find it far too difficult to rank my favorite songs overall that's why I've been splitting my posts up into different categories :) If you take the top 2 songs in each post then you'll have a good idea what my ultimate top 10 of the year would have been.

Disclaimer #2 - I know I'm going take a lot of flack for putting Westlife so high on this list... I guess I just can't get enough of boybands!

UPDATE: Mp3's have been removed by request.

Brian McFadden - Twisted
I posted this track recently and I remember one of the comments that a reader left was how surprised they were that they actually liked it as much as they did. If you missed that post or you failed to listen to the song... give it a chance and see what you think.

Westlife - Something Right
The band are currently on a hiatus and I miss them already. Haha... I'm a loser. I absoutely love this song. Am I the only one out there that LOVED this song? Please leave a comment and let me know that I'm not alone. Although let's not talk about the disgusting video that was made for it.

McFly - One For The Radio
I absolutely love this song from McFly. Last year it was 'The Heart Never Lies' and this year they had me shouting along to 'One For The Radio.

Craig David - Insomnia
Finally Craig David releases a truly amazing pop song and it's completely overlooked by almost the entire world?! Sigh. I hear ya Craig... I hear ya!

Kate Ryan - Ella Elle La
Probably one of the biggest international pop hits of the year. Kate Ryan continues to improve with every release. Ella Ella La was the perfect song to dance to this summer.

Katherine McPhee - All I Need Is You
So it might not have been an official single and she may be washed up but this song was beautiful.

Pink - So What
I've never been a huge Pink fan and even this one took some time to grow on me. But after hearing it for the 10 thousandth time on the radio I finally joined in the fun.

Matchbox 20 - How Far We've Come
This track probably should have been on my "not quite pop" list. If it had been it would have been very high on that list.

Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown - No Air
I still remember the first time I heard this song... I was eating lunch and I heard it on the radio. The DJ never announced who it was singing and it drove me crazy trying to find out who sang it! The remix I posted last year remains one of my favorite mixes of 2008.

Nixon - Tiffany
THANK YOU to PPG for introducing us all to this track. It's very retro in all the right ways.

Boyzone - Better
Boyzone - Love You Anyway
Boyzone came back this year and stole some of the Take That thunder! If you read my blog regularly you'll remember that last year Take That had one of my top 5 songs of the year with "We Love To Entertain You." This year Take That are nowhere to be found on my list and Boyzone had two of my favorite tracks with both of their singles.

The Saturdays - If This Is Love
A band that includes two original members of S Club 8 was destined to be amazing. The Saturdays are the best girl band since Girls Aloud. They still have a lot to learn but their debut single was a great introduction to the band.

David Jordan - Sun Goes Down
You tend to either love this track or despise it. I have a soft spot for this funky track.

Beyonce - Halo
When my friend told me I HAD to hear Beyonce's new single I said... "I'll Pass." I then spent the next two weeks playing Halo on repeat. I really thought this song would be massive when it was finally released though. What's up?! Why hasn't this song hit number one everywhere?

Ace Of Base - Lucky Love 2009
So this wasn't officially a single either but it did get released on their latest Greatest Hits package and it did chart in the France iTunes chart so I'm including it on my favorite tracks. Mostly because I'm desperate for new music from Ace of Base and at this point I'll take cheesy remakes of their old hits if I have to.

Britney Spears - Circus
Britney is back! The whole craziness around her is really quite sad so I won't say anything other than I was definitely digging her new album and 'If You Seek Amy' is going to me on my 2009 chart in 12 months!

Metro Station - Shake It
Is it just me or was no other song featured in more TV shows, movies and commercials than this track. No one seems to know who sings the song or anything about them... but everyone knows the song. SHAKE SHAKE... SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT!

The Feeling - I Thought It Was Over
This one is for Paul over at the Zapping. I believe he loved this song for a very long time this year.

Miley Cyrus - See You Again
Two Words... I'm sorry. It's just so damn catchy.

Enrique Iglesias - Tired Of Being Sorry
I wasn't sure if I should even include this one. I feel sorta bad for the guy... so I'm including it out of pity :)