Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2008 - Favorite Swedish Singles

2008 gave me some favorite songs that weren't all from Sweden for the first time in a long time! Ok so a lot of them were from Sweden... I can't help it! Is there something in the water there or what? Everything they touch turns to gold!

This posting of my favorite songs has really turned into a mish mash and a bit unorganized. I thought about ranking the songs but after I got halfway I couldn't decide which ones I loved more. So the higher the song the more I like it basically!

First off you need to know that this list does not include any of the 2008 Melodifestivalen songs as I will have a post dedicated strictly to Melodifestivalen tracks next.

Danny - Radio
What a comeback! I think that 'Radio' is his best solo song to date don't you?

Agnes - On and On
Speaking of comeback, Agnes really surprised me with this track. I wasn't expecting it from her at all and wow what a pleasant surprise.

Amy Diamond - Stay My Baby
Remember back at the beginning of the year I was going crazy for Amys album 'Music In Motion?' Little did I know when I was playing this track on repeat all day that in 2 short month's I'd give it all up for her next single.

Sanna Nielsen - Nobody Without You
If Kelly Clarkson hadn't released 'Since U Been Gone' already this song could have easily been my favorite non Melodifestivalen track of the year. It was her most upbeat track on her album... if only she could do more tracks like this.

Jonathan Fagerlund - Playing Me
If it wasn't for PPG I never even would have heard of Jonathan Fagerlund. This song almost completely passed me by! I absolutely love the chorus and if you were to follow me when I'm walking outside by myself with my iPod and I thought I was all alone you'd probably hear me belting this song out. It's one of my top played tracks on my iPod this year.

Mans Zelmerlow - Miss America
Technically this track charted in the Swedish Singles chart in 2008 which makes it eligible for my favorite swedish singles list! It's a younger and more fun version of Fredrik Kempes original. Let's be honest... it's only on my list to tide me over until his new single is heard for the first time in a few weeks!

Velvet - Take My Body Close
Where did this come from? The Swedish Lisa Scott-Lee pulled this hit from out of nowhere! I've always appreciated Velvet for what she is. She's had some fun songs and she really tries so hard! After failing to get very far with 'Deja Vu' she could have given up but instead she released this Ace track! Can we please get an album this year!?

Ola - Feel/Good
I really didn't like this song at first! But I think it was only because I was still stuck on 'Love In Stereo.' Now that i've had time to let the song settle in it's really become one of my favorites of the year, especially during the summer. It's a great track to play when you're out at the beach with your friends.

Alcazar - We Keep On Rockin'
Alcazar are going to explode in 2009 just you wait. The debut single from the new 'Alcazar' was really just a way to get audiences to warm back up to the band. I predict big things from Alcazar in 2009.

BWO - Barcelona
BWO... I don't know what to say about them. Sometimes I feel like they're in a rut... othertimes they release songs that deserve to take over the entire world. 'Barcelona' is not one of their best singles of all time but it was one of my favorites from them this year.

Patrik Isaksson & Sarah Dawn Finer - Du Som Tog Mitt Hjärta
I discovered Patrik this year and I can't wait to pick up his greatest hits album when I'm in Stockholm. I don't know what it is about his voice but I can't get enough of it.

Maia Hirasawa - The Worrying Kind
Maia Hirasawa should have been sent to Eurovision instead of 'The Ark' and this version of 'The Worrying Kind' proved it to everyone.

Sibel - Walking Away
Sibel can sing an upbeat song too, see! Too bad the video was absolutely horrible and the the track really can't be classified as a hit single.

Elin Lanto - Speak N Spell
I'm really not a fan of Elin Lanto at all, but she won me over with this one.

Martin Stenmarck - Rubb Och Stubb (Bassflow Remix)
Everything Bassflow touches turns to gold, especially when it comes to Martin Stenmarck singles. It might not be as good as his 2 previous remixes with them but was still a nice addition to the collection.

E.M.D - Jennie Let Me Love You
3 number 1 singles and a number 1 album. E.M.D. are Swedens officially Swedens biggest boyband and this was my favorite track from them this year.

Magnus Carlsson - Walking In My Shoes

The new single from his greatest hits album is cute but nowhere near as good as some of his previous singles. Also is it just me or is that beat the mover overused beat in pop history. I can name at least 5 tracks that have used that exact same beat

Brolle - Det Ar Hon
I prefered this to his previous single 'Solo In Stockholm.'

Markus Fagervall - If You Don't Mean It
It's not as good as Dean Geyers version, but I still like the song and since I can now say it's swedish it can be on my list this year.


John said...

Good list. I think Radio is Danny's weakest single actually but still very good and some great tracks on the album.

On & On is amazing!

Schlagerboys said...

Agnes is fab! Fingers crossed her MF entry is just as fab as her last two singles!!!

John said...

BTW, it's a shame you never signed up top vote for our online MF 2005 re-run. If you want to view the results they're here. MUCH better than the results in the real thing!

Rubén F. Manzanera said...

Thanks for the list. Please, can you reupload the song After The Goldrush by Six in mp3? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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