Monday, May 28, 2007

If You're Looking For Vegas...

Last year Canadian radio was buzzing with a track from new artist 'Bianca' and her debut single 'Vegas.'

For a couple months you couldn't listen to the radio without hearing the song... it was a fun, upbeat summer track that was great to blast while driving out in the summer.

Turns out Bianca is an American singer who started out in Canada, where pop music is generally more accepted than down in the US. But despite the early success, the song never made a big impact in the charts and her album sold about 15 copies!

So we may never hear from Bianca again... but here is her fun, summer tune - Vegas.

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Poster Girl said...

This song is really good! It always surprises me that songs can be popular (ish) in Canada and I (Americans in general) haven't heard them at all--and vice-versa, too, if that's the case.