Friday, November 23, 2007

Give Me Dr. Sun... He's My Man

Hey Guys,

So if there's one thing I don't really post about much... it's myself! But I promised to show you guys some pictures from my trip to Mexico so today you're going to get your first look at... ME!

There I am coming out of the airport!

Me and a Cactus!

We went to this beach which was AMAZING. There was no one around... the water was blue and crystal clear... you could walk out into the ocean for ages and it never went higher than your waist... you could see fish swimming around underneath you!

My Grandma and I!

It was a very relaxing trip and now it's back to reality and back to work.

As you all know my next trip will be March 2nd when I head to London England for a few days and then fly on to Sweden for Melodifestivalen 2008! Rumour has it the first batch of artists will be revealed as soon as next week!

Speculation continues about who the 4 wilcards will be this year. One name that floats around every year is Ace of Base. In the past the band has strongly denied that they would ever enter the competition.

Ace of Base are currently on tour in Europe and are preparing for a world tour as part of a festival in 2008!

So to tie this post together here's one of my favorite Ace of Base songs which fit in perfectly with my trip to Mexico!

Ace of Base - Dr. Sun