Thursday, November 22, 2007

I Want To Hold Your Hand

As a fan of pop music and a human being I've always known and been aware of 'The Beatles.' Few acts have made as big of an impact on popular music as 'The Beatles.'

Personally I had never given their songs much notice. I probably learnt most of their songs after Take That did a Beatles Medley on their tour. Songs like "Hey Jude" and "Yesterday" were among my favorite Beatles tracks, although I had never purchased any of them or really sat down and listened to any of their albums.

But every day a new generation is introduced to the music and the legacy that the Beatles left behind. Earlier this month I went to see a film called 'Across The Universe.' The general idea is that the movie is set to a soundtrack of Beatles songs.

I won't bother reviewing the movie itself, which I would rate at about 3/5 but the soundtrack is something that needs to be recognized!

The actors in the movie sing all their own parts and all of the songs are included on the soundtrack. One of the best tracks has to be Teresa Victoria Carpio's rendition of 'I Want To Hold Your Hand.'

The track is immensely catchy; I've been singing it all day!