Monday, November 26, 2007

So Damaged Because Of You...

So I gave in and listened to Shayne Wards new album 'Breathless.' After two horrid songs were released I had basically given up on Mr. Ward. After a fantastic debut album, even though it was full of sappy, dramatic ballads; I felt like Shayne had given it all up in an effort to be more 'cool.'

But a friend basically forced me to listen to it and although I don't like the album nearly as much as his first... there are acouple songs that I really did enjoy. In addition to the song I'm posting below... if you are a fan of his slow stuff you should check out the title track - Breathless. It showcases his vocal abilities nicely :)

Shayne Ward - Damaged
Is it just me or do the lyrics to this song not really match the music?! The music sounds like it should be an upbeat summer hit... but the lyrics belong in a deep and soulful ballad? I'd love someone to cover this track as a ballad. Either way the song is great and I admit I've played it on repeat all day.