Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hyped Up & Psyched Up!

The german band 'Band Ohne Namen'(Band Without Name in English) or better known as B.O.N. had their first hit single back in 2000 with the track 'Boys.' Originally the song featured German lyrics with an English chorus... but when the track became a hit in Germany it was re-recorded with English vocals.

The single went on to chart in many European countries but none of their future singles managed to make an impact on the charts. The band split up back in 2004 after recording 2 original albums.

B.O.N. - Boys
A track that urges the opposite sex to "Think about the way that you treat a boy... you shouldn't treat him like a toy."

B.O.N. - Boys (Almighty Full On Vocal Mix)
This remix has to be one of the best remixes of all time. It's really hard hitting and it perfect when you're in a mood to dance. It's one of those rare remixes that is even better than the original version.


Digital Technique said...

I used to love b.o.n - boys was a classic and they had some other great pop songs!

You should def try and check out Guy's solo album from a couple of years ago - in German but it had some great songs on it!

HotAsIce87 said...

I'm begging you to the highest of heaven...

PLEASE re-upload these two tracks! I've been wanting this song since what seems like forever now!

You can e-mail it to me at




ANAPACEY said...

hi can u upload the remix again please? i'm looking for it long time ago. thanks

Anonymous said...

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