Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Felt Myself Magnetized, My Senses They Were Hypnotized...

Brian McFadden

Many times I have posted my thoughts on record labels dropping seriously talented artists. While sometimes I think the record labels are justified in their decisions... often times it doesn't make much sense and fantastic acts are left without a record deal. One of these artists is the amazing Brian McFadden.

When his debut single was released in July 2004 it went straight to number 1 and his album charted in the top 30. While not a stellar debut for the album he proved that he could maintain his success with his next singles when his second single hit number 6 in the singles chart. His 3rd single, a duet with his girlfriend Delta Goodrem peaked at number 3! With 3 top 10 singles is this not the kind of artist a record label wants on their roster?

Not many artists get a fourth single from their debut album, but in May 2005 a final single from his debut album was released. 'Demons' was a dark and haunting choice for a single and only hit #28.

Brian continued writing songs for other artists... he's written songs for Delta Goodrem, Il Divo and Girls Aloud to name a few.

Instead of focusing on a second album, in 2006 his record label Sony released a duet with Leanne Rimes... a song called 'Everybody's Someone." The song was taken from Leanne's album Whatever We Wanna. The track, which received little to no promotion in the Uk, peaked at number 48.

I don't know what happened next exactly but in March 2007, almost 3 years after his debut single hit number 1, he was dropped by Sony records due to "dissapointing album sales and the failure of his last 2 singles."

Something tells me his departure from Sony had more to do with him deciding he wanted more control over his career than dissapointing album sales. Brian has since launched his own record label and already released a self-penned single in Ireland - 'Like Only A Woman Can' which hit number 1 there. Brian is now in charge of his career and there is no one to hold him back. His second album is titled 'Set In Stone' and will be released on April 19th with a new single to be released very soon! Until then you can enjoy these gems!

Brian McFadden - Irish Son
This is my favorite song from his debut album!
Brian McFadden - Pull Myself Away
I never used to like the song - Like Only A Woman Can, but after watching this video and listening to the lyrics one more time I've decided to change my mind. The song is written about Delta Goodrem and how she's changed Brian since meeting her. Easily one of the sweetest videos/songs I've heard in a long time.


Paul said...

I cannot share your love of Mr McFadden. For some reason that i forget right now i took against him and he has yet to win me back. I'm stubborn like that. Still his Mrs is still making bonza music...and he sure dodged a bullet with the "british britney" Kerry Katona. Nutcase.

turnaround said...

Oh I think "Irish son" has lots of hidden gems.

"Be true to your woman"
"Pull myself away"
"Lose lose situation"

So many interesting catchy popsongs.

Hopefully the new album that is released soon can meet the high expectations!!

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