Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'll Play This Song For You As I Am Your Singer...

Haven't heard of Kostas Martakis?! Something tells me that's about to change very soon!

Kostas is only 23 and comes from Greece. After working as a model for some time he shot to fame on a reality tv program in Greece - "Dream Show." He instantly became a star and signed a record deal soon after his appearance.

His debut album was released in Greece and has had a number of hit singles from the album. He has become so popular in Greece that he recently took part in their National Final to represent Greece at Eurovision 2008.

When the song was originally presented to the press a rock/pop version was previewed. But both Kostas and his record label decided perform the dance version of the song. After a televote and jury vote Kostas ended up in 2nd place with 33.8% of the vote. Despite losing the competition the song has gone on to be a hit in Greece peaking at number 3 in the singles chart.

The great news is that there are currently plans to release an international english alum this year! I am extremely excited for an english album from Kostas and not just because it's sure to have lots of nice photos inside!

If you didn't hear his song for Eurovision you can check out the 3 different english versions below.


Poster Girl said...

"Always And Forever" is definitely going to end up being one of my favorite songs of the Eurovision season and the year, I think. I was expecting Dimitris Kontopoulos to write him another revvy dance-pop song like "Astous na lene," but I was thrilled with what we got...and then it got somewhat made like what I was expecting for the national final, but I still think I prefer that first version!

Plus, he looked GORGEOUS at the final, which doesn't make the song any better but certainly isn't a bad thing.

Robpop said...

JEEEEEEESH Kostas! He was nominated in DSTP's pop awards last year as best male. didnt pick up a single vote! I thought i was the only one interested in the lad. His album is beautiful!

Paul said...

what amazing blue eyes :)

Robpop said...

Paul, its all lip-gloss!

Anonymous said...

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