Monday, April 21, 2008

In My Darkest Hour You Surely Give Me The Power...

So I'm a little behind on this but I needed acouple days to really listen to Sannas album and give it a chance before I judged it.

My final verdict is that this is an extremely strong album (Which fits the title perfectly) and a great step towards becoming a star outside of Sweden. As much as I would love to see more schlager tunes from Sanna, when she sang Empty Room at Melodifestivalen this year, she really proved that she has what it takes to really be an international artist.

So this album is the first step in that direction. For an in depth review check out what PPG had to say on her blog. The album has ballads, songs with a hint of country and upbeat radio friendly tracks as well. This album could easily fit in on the music store shelves here in North America and 'Empty Room' could potantially be a hit here if she played her cards right. Do I think it'll ever happen here in North America? No... but there are a lot of doors that will be opened for her because of this album.

The shining star on the album is 'Nobody Without You' which I predict will be one of my top 10 songs of the entire year in 2008! Another track that I'm really happy with is 'Strong' which can best be described as a really nice song.


Poster Girl said...

Great choice of song! Oswalds Popcorn is speculating that "Nobody Without You" or "Strong" will be the next single--as much as I adore "Nobody Without You," I almost wonder if "Strong" wouldn't be a better fit for Sweden, but I'm an awful judge of these things :)

By the way, I didn't get to see August Rush this past weekend, but I'm hoping to rent it this coming weekend :D

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