Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Girls Who Want Boys Who Like Boys To Be Girls

Sister Love

My bud over at Don't Stop The Pop just did a fantastic post on a small Swedish record label 'Hitworks' and their amazing line up of pop artists! For his extensive review of each artist check out his blog Here.

After checking out the Hitworks site I've discovered my new guilty pleasure! Move over Caracola because 'Sister Love' are here! Despite an extensive biography on their website, I can't read a word of it because it's in Swedish and I'm too lazy to translate it. So their music will have to speak for itself i'm gonna take an educated guess here and say they're sisters?!

They're everything great about Caracola but a little more edgy and more dance influenced than cheesy pop. Their debut album was released today and if you like what you hear be sure to download their album from the 'Hitworks' site. Great news is you can download the album from anywhere in the world!

I sort of wish they had ended up with a bigger record label, I'm not sure how mainstream they're going to get with 'Hitworks' and I think these guys deserve some success with an amazing album like this. Their song 'Boys and Girls' is actually a cover of a song from 'Blur' so it might sound familiar.