Monday, April 07, 2008

Welcome To The Future Of Ace of Base

How amazing is this! The first official promo shots in YEARS have finally been released! Things are going to start getting very exciting for Ace of Base fans! Ace of Base are one of my all time favorite bands and words cannot express how excited I am for a new album. The band is notorious for taking a long period of time in between albums.

A lot of sources online are saying that Ace of Base have re-formed like a lot of other bands that are re-uniting lately. The truth is that although they may not have released an album globally since their greatest hits album. Ace of Base have in fact never broken up! The band has been together constantly since the early 90's. Their last studio album was released in 2003 although it was not released in every country. The band did release a number of singles from the album and I would argue that it was one of their best albums to date.

Ace of Base - Hey Darling
One of my favorite songs from 2003's "Da Capo" album.


karnig said...

Ohh Troy I didn't know you were such a big Ace of Base fan! Yay!

Did you make the trek over to Europe to see them live? They've been playing 1-hour sets across the continent (mostly Eastern Europe and Scandinavia) since November. I saw them in Denmark in November and it was AMAZING! Their world tour should supposedly bring them to North America in 2009. Check

(Btw, I'm the same poster who asked you about Lino's in Stockholm! I met Pay TV there in August!)

Paul said...

Da CApo was an amazing album, i got into it a little late, but better late than never right? I am so ready for some new stuff from them!

Anonymous said...

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