Monday, April 16, 2007

2007 - Year Of The Comeback

No Angels

Formed back in 2000 through the German 'Popstars' show, No Angels have to be the oldest and most enduring group formed from the show. 2nd place would go to 2002's Girls Aloud who are still the biggest girl group in the Uk.

Between 2001-2003 No Angels sold over 5 Million albums as a group. Over 3 years the band released 3 albums and 12 hit singles. In 2001 their debut album went 3x Platinum. In 2002 No Angels were the best selling group in Germany.

But the fairytale was not meant to last. In February 2003 Jessica Walhs announced she was pregnant and the band had agreed that she would take the next year off to have her baby but that she would return to the band the following year. In March 2003 their management announced Jessica would not be returning to the band and they would continue on as a 4-some. It was the beginning of the end for No Angels.

In August 2003 the band released their 3rd album 'Pure' as a 4-some. While the 3rd album failed to sell as strongly as the first two it was well received and the first single gave the girls their 4th #1 in Germany. But on September 4th 2003, after 3 years of non stop touring, promoting and recording the band announced they would not be working on any new material as a group in 2004 and that they were going to prepare to disband. They cancelled their planned 'Pure Acoustic Tour' and further single releases from 'Pure' were cancelled.

As the band prepared to officially break up Jessica re-joined the band and they re-recorded one of their first album tracks - Reason. It was released as their farewell single in November 2003 with a Best of No Angels album released in December. Their last performances together were a farewell concert on Nov. 28th and a private unplugged show on Dec. 12th 2003.

All that changed in mid-2006 when the band met together to talk about re-forming. 4 of the original 5 agreed and they began to work on a comeback album in complete secrecy. On January 1st 2007 news leaked that the band was working together again. The band and their management refused to make any statements until january 31st when the band held a press conference to announce details of the No Angels comeback. On April 13th the bands 4th studio album - Destiny was released off the success of their comeback single - Goodbye to Yesterday which reached number 4.

Below you can hear No Angels as they were then and how they are now.

No Angels - 2007

No Angels - Been Here Before

No Angels - Back Off

No Angels - I Believe In You (If you read my blog you'll find this song is familiar. It's a cover of the song originally released by Swedish Idol - Agnes Carlsson)

No Angels - I Don't Wanna Talk About It

No Angels - 2001 - 2003

No Angels - Feel Good Lies (One of their BEST singles ever released! A MUST download)

No Angels - You Lied

No Angels - All Cried Out

No Angels - Daylight In Your Eyes

No Angels - Go Ahead & Take It

No Angels - Still In Love With You

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