Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pa Svenska

Mathias Holmgren

Well the votes are in and an overwhelming number of you want me to post more Swedish Music! Well your wish is my command! I still have a ton of cd's from Sweden I haven't even had a chance to listen to all the way yet!

I know blogs like Poppostergirl have posted about Mathias Holmgren before, but I've been listening to his debut album and I'm really impressed with acouple of his album tracks so I HAD to share!

Mathias Holmgren rose to fame via the popular television show 'Fame Factory' in Sweden. After his appearance on the show he took over lead singing duties for the band 'Barbados' when Magnus Carlsson left in 2002.

For reasons I can't figure out Mathias was forced to leave Barbados in 2004 (If you know why and let me know that would be awesome.)

He went solo soon after that appearing in Melodifestivalen and releasing his first solo album 'Vagen Hem.'

His album has acouple covers, most notably a cover of Gareth Gates - Stupid Mistake and a cover of Jostein Hasselgaard's Eurovision entry - I'm Not Afraid To Move On. But where Mathias really shines is on his pure pop thumpers like 'En Risk Jag Maste Ta' & 'Alskar, Alskar Inte.'


Jake said...

Alskar, Alskar Inte is a great track that I've been playing since last year.

Poster Girl said...

I had no idea there was another cover on there! Recognized Gareth's, of course, but that just proves how much Melodifestivalen history I've got to catch up on.

His first album is great--I'm worried about the second, though, if he still wants to avoid schlager/dansband and go "artistic." Hopefully it'll be good artistic as oppposed to "look, we just tossed in a guitar and made it less catchy" artistic.

Your post made me go check his official site for news--I wonder what those new songs he just debuted sound like...