Sunday, April 29, 2007

This is the Remix... Part 1

The remix is a tool used by record labels to let a particular song reach a broader audience or to have the song suit a particular muasic genre or radio format. The problem is record labels often fill up the cd singles with lacklustre remixes that all end up sounding the same and ruin the song.

But once in awhile a remix comes along that really brigns something new and sometimes even makes the song better than the original. So today I dedicate my blog to some of my all time favorite remixes.

When 5ive split up Abs was the first to venture out on his own with a solo album. He had mild success with his singles but when his album tanked that was the end of his solo career. Originally intended to be his 4th single in the Uk back in 2003 but the single release was cancelled due to a dispute with his record label. '7 Ways' has amazing lyrics and this remix brings it to a whole new level. This song is still one of my most played tracks on my iPod. The chorus and hook are sung by Eve Bicker.

Sometimes a song is perfect the way it is and all you need to do is extend it a bit. This classic Ace of Base song gets even better when you add the "ALRIGHT!" at the beginning!

One of the biggest mistakes record labels make is taking a ballad and turning it into a remix. This hardly ever works except for extreme exceptions. 'Back When' is one of those exceptions. The original version of this song is bland and emotionless. This remix is one of my favorite remixes of all time.

Never Gone was one of my all time favorite albums when it was released back in 2005. This remix gave 'I Still' some spunk and helped get the boys some more airplay during their "comeback."

The name speaks for itself. I know it's Cher... but this remix totally makes you want to get up and dance.

Now THIS is a remix!

By taking Danni's version of I Begin To Wonder and mixing it with the music from Dead or Alive's 'You Spin Me...' Danni turned the bland original into an international hit with this remix!

Another example of a slow song made better with a soft, radio friendly remix.

What do you get when you mix country and dance? PURE POP GENIOUS! This track becomes perfect when you tweak it with this remix.

I HATE the original verison of this song... but this remix became one of my favorite tracks from Justins debut album. I've been known to dance on stage and tabletops when this ones comes on at a club.

This is the shortened version of the club remix to this. It's hard to improve on a song like this but Jason Nevins comes close.

Poor Lisa. Did anyone watch her MTV show 'Totally Scott-Lee?!' It is HILARIOUS! Anyways Lisa's neverending quest for a solo career has had its ups and downs... this remix is an Up!

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