Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Arms Of Love Can Only Carry A Lie For So Long...


At what point does a band decide they're giving up and no longer going to try to release music? Meet Clea... The band that doesn't seem to know when to quit!

Back in 2002 4 girls were booted off of 'Popstars - The Rivals' in the Uk (The show that created Girls Aloud.) The 4 girls decided to create their own band and Clea was born! In 2003 their debut single 'Download It' hit the charts at a respectable 21. The band went on an extensive club tour to promote themselves across the Uk. Their second single 'Stuck In The Middle' was released in Feb. 2004 and entered the charts at #24. It seemed all the promotion hadn't done much to boost the bands profile. But they didn't give up and continued to tour around the country playing any show they could book! In May 2004 band member 'Chloe' decided she'd had enough and quit the band. Their record label released a debut album 'Identity Crisis' in select European markets where some interest was shown toward the band. But when the album flopped in every country in which it was released they were dropped by their record label.

This is where most groups would call it quits! But Clea stayed together and under new management began to release music independently! In 2005 the band released a new single as a collaboration with 'Da Playaz' The single 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off' was realesed across the Uk and Europe and reached #35 in England. A 4th single was then released, 'Lucky Like That' which reached #55 in the charts. Do you see a pattern here? Every single managed to chart lower than the one before. Finally a new album was released in July 2006, reaching #258 in the Uk.

The band news was countered by their first major success. Over in Hong Kong their management had just released '...Clothes Off' and it had reached #1 on a radio chart! They also saw I Surrender released across Scandanavia as a double A-side with 'Stuck In The Middle.'

In November 2006 Lynsey Brown announced she too had had enough and was leaving the band.

According to management the final 2 members are staying together and there are rumours a new single could be released very soon. There are rumours the new single could be a re-worked version of the fan favorite 'The Lie.' This is by far the BEST song the band ever recorded and I can't believe it was never released. I think it has hit written all over it. The lyrics are spectacular!

What do you think? Should Clea give up?

Clea vs Da Playaz - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off

Clea - The Lie (A MUST Download)

Clea - I Surrender

Clea - Stuck In The Middle

Clea - Lucky Like That

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