Friday, April 13, 2007

For All That You Need... I Will Be Waiting

Gary Barlow

By the end of 1999 Gary Barlow had written no less than 16 hit singles and been a part of the biggest boyband the Uk had ever seen. When Take That split back in 2006 Gary immediately set out on his own and in July 1996 he hit #1 with his debut single - Forever Love. His debut album 'Open Road' was released in 1997 and spawned an impressive 6 hit singles in the Uk! The album included songs written by Dianne Warren, Max Martin & a song written by Madonna that she never used on her own album.

In 1999 Gary returned to the spotlight with a new album and a new sound. Despite the fact that the album included some of the best songs he had ever written the music industry had turned their backs on the singer. A media backlash ensued as radio and other media gave support to Robbie Williams over Gary's new album. After dissapointing sales of the album a 3rd single was cancelled and it was announced that Gary Barlow would no longer release songs as a solo artist. Instead he began to write for other artists.

From 2000 - 2005 Gary has contributed songs to artists like Blue, Delta Goodrem, Amy Studt, H & Claire and Atomic Kitten and Charlotte Church.

In 2006 Take That reformed and have picked up exactly where they left off. After a record breaking reunion tour (Which I saw live at Milton Keynes in the uk last June!) the band have released 2 massive hit singles, won a Brit award for best British Single 2006 and are getting ready to tour again in support of their new album.

Gary Barlow is 'Back For Good' and you can explore his solo offerings below! (wow... I'm such a geek)

Gary Barlow - Superhero
Gary Barlow - Stronger
Gary Barlow - Love Won't Wait
Gary Barlow - Yesterday's Girl
Gary Barlow - Arms Around Me
Gary Barlow - So Help Me Girl
Bonus - Gary Barlow - Back For Good (Live)


Poster Girl said...

OK, I absolutely promise this is my last comment (I wrote the one on the Magnus post first), but I loved these songs so much that it was going to bother me if I didn't say anything! I somehow didn't even know he had a second album, and I hadn't heard more than a couple of songs from his first.

All right, being quiet now...

Anonymous said...

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