Sunday, May 13, 2007

Don't Deny Yourself... Come As You Are...

Beverley Knight
I've had the pleasure of seeing Beverley Knight open up live for 'Take That' on their reunion tour in the Uk last year and seeing her at Party in the Park in 2004. I had heard of Beverley Knight back in 2002 when she released Shoulda Woulda Coulda but was never really interested in her until I heard "Come As You Are." The song is a high energy pop/rock track that has a big hand clapping section right at the bridge! Who doesn't love a good hand clapping!

Most people would be suprised to hear that Beverley Knight has been around for 12 years now! She released her debut album back in 1995! The album was released on a small independent label and was called 'the best British soul album ever' and resulted in Beverley winning a handful of music awards in the Uk. Despite the ciritcal success the album only managed to reach #145 on the charts!

In 1997 Beverly parted with the record label and signed with Parlophone records in an attempt to achieve commercial. Her second album was released in 1998 and peaked at #42 in the charts. Again Beverley was hailed by critics everywhere. Her album was given reviews like 'A joy to hear...' and Beverley continued to win awards eveywhere.

In 2001 Beverley finally achieved the commercial success that had been eluding her. Her 3rd album 'Who I Am' was released soon after the single "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" which reached #10 on the singles chart. The album was so successful it ended up being re-realeased twice! While the critics were divided on their response to this album, Beverley continued to be nominated for many presigious awards in 2002.

In 2003 Beverly attempted to break into the mainstream market by working with pop producers like Guy Chambers. The album and single were released in 2004 and became her biggest to date with the single entering at #9 and the album at #11! The single 'Come As You Are' was a much more mainstream pop sound that alienated Knight's largely urban fan base and the song was not well received by urban radio. Compared to her previous albums, 'Affirmation' was panned by urban critics. Magazines accused Beverley of selling out and being manipulated by her record label. Beverley responded by saying 'Everything I've done musically has been completely me. I write my own songs so I'm not just a vocalist who can easily be dictated to."

Since then Beverley continues to branch out. She released a greatest hits album in 2006 and joined Take That on their reunion tour. This week Beverley releases her 6th album to date.

-Amazing Pop/Rock track with a fun hand clapping section in the middle!
-The infamous Robyn cover
-Live from her Greatest Hits tour, this is a touchign Robbie Williams cover

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