Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mes Courants Electriques...


In 1999 Alizee was discovered by french superstar - Mylene Farmer after winning a french talent show. Since her launch in 2000 she has become a huge success in France and internationally. In 2001 she was the best selling french female singer in the world. To date she has released two albums, her debut "Gourmandises" and her second album "Mes Courantes Electriques."

Since her marrige in 2003 Alizee has stepped out of the spotlight but a comeback is curerntly in the works. In late 2006 it was announced that she has cut ties with Mylene Farmer and is currently working on a 3rd album with her husband.

On her 2nd album Alizee translated 4 tracks to english in order to reach new markets. Personally I feel like the tracks lose something in translation. First of all, whoever translated the lyrics did a direct translation and the lyrics end up being complete nonsense... and the songs just dont sound as good in English. Below are some of my favorite Alizee tracks; select tracks are also in english for you to compare.

Alizee - J'en ai marre! or in English: Alizee - I'm Fed Up

Alizee - J'ai pas vingt ans! or in Enligh: Alizee - I'm Not 20

Alizee - A Contre-Courant

Alizee - L'Alize

Alizee - Moi... Lolita

Alizee - Hey! Amigo!

In 2004 Alizee embarked on a massively succesful tour and released it on cd/dvd. Below are some ACE excepts from the tour! This girl can sing! Seeing the songs live makes me like her even more!

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