Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Da Buzz
Today is a HAPPY day!

If you don't know Da Buzz you've been living under a rock somewhere. This band has been around for over 7 years now! Their cd's are pop treasures filled to the brim with hard hitting tunes. Their summer tours are historic across Sweden!

Summer 2007 Da Buzz will kick off yet another summer tour and release their 6th studio album! I seriously can't wait!

Their new single is being released tomorrow and has already hit the chart based on downloads alone... now you get to hear it first here at 'You Don't Know Pop'

This new track is spectacular. One of the biggest arguments I've heard against Da Buzz is that all their songs sound the same. While I admit their songs have a distinct "Da Buzz" sound, they are all different in their own way. Luckily this new single is different from anything I've ever heard from them! A perfect song in tiem for the sun and beach!

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Leon De Young said...

Hi there, I am looking for one of their song with the title "wo ai ni" Do you where to get it?