Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Save My Pride

The first time I ever heard of BWO was when a friend of mine sent be the mp3 for 'Conquering America' back when it was a single acouple years ago now. Immediately I looked up information about the band that was 'Bodies Without Organs.'

I remember watching all their videos online and being mesmerized by how odd each of their videos were and how each track was even more catchy than the one before. It wasn't long before I had ordered their debut album! From there, after a name change to the simple BWO, all of the world watched as they competed in Melodifestivalen 2006 with the amazing 'Temple Of Love.' That was followed by their 2nd album 'Halcycon Days.'

What I love about BWO is that this act has real talent; they write and produce their own music. They're unapologetically camp and not afraid to be un-cool! And like I mentioned before, their music videos are really really weird!!

This year BWO return with their 3rd studio album and a brand new single. 'Save My Pride' is actually an Alcazar cover which they made MUCH better, but you can hear it now for yourself!

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Poster Girl said...

Ooo! Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I'm definitely buying the album when it comes out, but I didn't have "Save My Pride" yet!

Thanks so much for the introduction to Alizee, too--I only knew her for "Moi...Lolita."