Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This Is The Remix - Part 2

Hopefully you all enjoyed Part. 1 of my favorite remixes.
Now I'll post the second half. Hopefully you'll find a few new favorites to add to your lists!

This is what happens when you take a boring album track and turn it into something really special. The lyrics to this song are amazing! This definitely should have been released as a single.

I know what you're thinking... Nick Lachey?! But honestly this remix is fun! It spices the track up a little bit.

I don't know much about these guys. They're a dance act that have done a lot of remixes for other artists in the past. This track really makes me want to get up and dance.

After Eric Prydz hit the top of the charts with "Call On Me," sampling 80's tracks has become an international phenomenon.

I LOVE THIS SONG! Rachel's second album was pure pop perfection. I can't wait to see if she returns to music soon. She deserved so much more success than she saw as a solo artist.

Does anyone else remember this song? Released back in 1997/1998 it was an international hit for Robert Miles and vocalist Maria Nayler. This track brings back memories of me listening to "The World Chart Show" on my radio as a teenager. Before the internet, that was the only way one had to find out about music in other countries.

What a voice!

Still one of my favorite songs of 2007! This is a great remix. Sanna is going on tour this summer in Sweden with fellow Melodifestivalen contestant Sonja Alden!

This remix makes this song 10 times better. If you ever liked the original, you'll love this!
Remixing a dramatic track like You Raise Me Up? I had doubts when I heard they'd remixed it... but they did a nice job!

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Adem IAR said...

Oh I loved that Robert Miles. I remember buying the bastard for a ridiculous amount on 12" Vinyl just because I couldn't find the CD single anywhere. Absolutely worth it though, such a gorgeous song.