Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Day It Rained Forever...

Aurora is a dance act created by 2 english DJ's. The act had their debut back in 1999 with the single "Hear You Calling" and soon exploded in the Uk charts with their follow up single, a cover of Duran Durans 'Ordinary World' which peaked at #5 in the Uk!

Like many dance acts the band has worked with many different vocalists to record their songs. After the band had success with 'Ordinary World' they teamed up with 'Lizzy Pattinson' who became the new full time lead vocalist for Aurora. The band began to work on their debut album and in 2002 released 'Dreaming.'

But the album turned out to be a bit of a suprise. Instead of focusing on the dancey/trance hits that made the group famous, the album was a collection of slower ballad based songs. Unfortunately their further singles failed to set the charts on fire and there wasn't much more heard from the band after the album was released.

The band released further singles in 2003, 2005 and in 2006 each track using a different lead vocalist.

None of the singles have matched the success of their earlier singles. Their last single was in 2006, a cover of the Texas hit 'Summer Son.' It peaked at #82 in the Uk.

Still at once time Aurora was one of my favorite bands to listen to! I find their singles to be extremely catchy and easy to sing along to. Their videos are quite nice to watch at well! Find out for yourself below...
My favorite song from Aurora has to be 'The Day It Rained Forever.' I don't know what it is about the song... but i absolutely LOVE the title!

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obsessed-with-music said...

Wow! Thanx a lot for the latest Aurora tracks. I also like them very much and had the same impression about their album - well.., a little bit surprised.. I liked "Real Life" a lot, so thanx!