Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Have I Done To Deserve This...

UPDATED: The link to 'Some Day' was incorrect... It's now updated with the correct track

If you follow Eurovision, you may be familiar with Manual Ortega. After his debut single 'El Amor, La Vida' became a huge hit in Austria, he represented his country at Eurovision with 'Say A Word.'

It turns out his failure at Eurovision didn't stop him... he's gone on to release 3 albums in Austria and is still releasing material today.

My favorite songs from him are the ones from his debut album 'Any Kind Of Love' which you can discover below.

Manuel Ortega - Some Day
I love the build up at the start or this track.

The guitar in this track is very hard hitting... as is the sound of breaking glass that kicks the song off.

I would actually love to hear someone more established cover this track. I think with someone elses voice on lead vocals it would be even better.

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