Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sun Shines Brighter

If you keep up to date on your Uk Boybands you'll know who 'Ultra' is.

When the band released their first single back in 1998 - Say You Do, it got to number 11. The band were then suprised to hear that the single went #1 in Italy of all places!

Over the next 2 years the band had several singles hit the top 20 in the Uk, Italy and Spain! Despite being mobbed by over 3000 female fans once... the band maintained that their popularity came from their songs that they helped write and produce.

But as always things changed due to record company politics. When it came time to record their 2nd album in 2000 the band found that everyone that worked for the record label when they had been signed no longer worked for Warner. It seemed that despite selling over 1 million albums, no one at Warner was interested in continuing to release music with 'Ultra.'

Despite other offers from other labels the band was disillusioned with the music industry and the band finally split up in 2001.

3 members of Ultra ended up forming their own music production company and ended up writing songs for Bryan Adams, Kylie Minogue, Liberty X, Phixx and Natasha Bedingfield.

In 2005 the band started spending more time together and decided to release a new album... this time with no record labels to hold them back. In Feb. 2006 the band released their 2nd album 'The Sun Shines Brighter.'

And despite that fact that they no longer grace the covers of teen magazines or have their singles playing non stop on radios... the band is finally making the music they want, their way.
The new songs are good too, they're a lot more grown up and mature. What do you think? Were you an Ultra fan? Do you like the new stuff?

So here is some retro Ultra vs the new Ultra.



Paul said...

i DO like the new stuff - i think Sun Shines Brighter is a beautiful piece of work and so much better than I'll Wait For Life that recently graced the charts for Take That (though to be fair that was just a v bad single choice). And they have spunky alistair griffin on their album! Hurrah! They did a photo shoot years ago to promote rescue me where they were tied up and gagged in chairs and I remember thinking "oh ultra - you really will do anything for fame!" ;P

ConfideInMe said...

omg! you are the only one of all the blogs i've visted who featured this favourite UK boyband of mine. i wish you posted the albums though but then anyway, thanx for the news about them. it's about time they get reacquainted to their old fans....