Friday, July 06, 2007

We'll Keep The Neighbours Awake Too Late...

There is one artist I've been waiting patiently for to release new material. Recently he announced he would even be working with Pop God Max Martin! That got my hopes up even higher!

Then I heard this... Shayne Wards new single - If That's Ok With You.

What the hell did he do?! This has to be the worst single so far this summer. I love that he's trying to do something more upbeat after an album of ballads. The song is definitely trying to be a summer hit, but the song does nothing for his voice. It sounds like he's trying to be an R & B singer or something?! The more I listen to it the more physically ill I get... I think I have to delete the song. If his whole album is full of this crap I will never forgive him!!! This is probably just his way of stopping the constant comparisons to Westlife. Basically his last album was just a cover of every album Westlife has ever done, But I happen to LOVE Westlife!

Hear for yourself and tell me what you think. Just to make up for how crap it is I'll also post some of his old songs to show that once upon a time he was amazing!


Paul said...

I actually really like it, (i like west life too) - though i do think its quite gimmicky! I only just discovered your site and fucking love it! I'm now addicted to Zoo - anywhere else i can get their music. I linked to this post today on btw!

Troy said...

Hey Paul!

You rock! I've actually been a big fan of your blog for ages! I've always meant to shoot you a msg but never did for some reason, so i'm glad you did!

I'll link your site tonight!


Troy said...

Oh yeah... and about Shayne... I think if i didn't know it was Shayne Ward I would have liked the song too... I guess I'm just being stubborn... i'm sure it will grow on me. Do we know if this is the song from Max Martin?!

Troy said...

And about Zoo!

They unfortunately never released an album... It took me FOREVER to get those songs that I do have.

I actaully have a double of one of their singles... It's yours if you're interested... although it was their worst song :P

I LOVE Wanted!

Paul said...

I think it is the max martin song. the more i hear it the more i love it. I'm not sure if it's a so crap it's brilliant type of song though :P