Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We Love To Entertain You


You know when you hear a song and you know from the first 5 seconds that you've just found your new favorite song?!

Well wait until you hear this! It's the German B-side to 'Shine.' I don't know why this wasn't included on their album because it's a sure fire hit. It's like nothing the band has ever done before... which is maybe why it wasn't on the album... it definitely would have stood out from the other tracks.

When bands do songs dedicated to their fans they can sometimes come off as fake or forced... not this one! I was lucky enough to see Take That on their reunion tour last year and they were so cool. They were so grateful to be given the chance to perform for their fans again.

This song deserves so much more than a B-side... It's one of my new favorite songs of the year! Hopefully you agree!


Poster Girl said...

Oh, woah--identical experience: in the first few seconds, I was in love. This continues the trend of me preferring Take That's bonus tracks and b-sides to a lot of the songs on the album--not that the album was bad, but just that there were some truly great songs left off it! Thanks for sharing! :) Addiction is coming up--I can already feel it...

Conan said...

By the way, this is a song for a German TV-Channel. They use it for the little bits between TV Shows and commercials. It has been recorded by some other artists before in the past, for example by German girlgroup Preluders. The version they currently use is the one from Take That.

Paul said...

oh Conan, i didn't know that - thanks :) I got the track a little while back and wondered whether it was a response to the famous Robbie track and now i know where it came from! Thanks - good choice as well mr you don't know pop!

Troy said...

Oooh! Check you out with the trivia! I had no idea... that's awesome, thanks!

A fantastic song for sure. It woudl be a great way to open up a tour!

Anonymous said...

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