Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Sun Has Come Your Way...

Oh how the mighty fall...

After the 2nd series of 'Pop Idol' in the Uk... runner up contestants Sam and Mark decided to join forces and begin recording together as 'Sam & Mark.' They signed with Simon Fuller and immediately released a beatles cover 'With a Little Help From My Friends' which entered the Uk singles chart at #1! Things were looking bright for the two-some!

The duo released their second single 'The Sun Has Come Your Way' in July 2004. Unfortunately a high chart position did not come their way a 2nd time. The single peaked at a dissapointing #19 and the boys were dropped.

But these boys don't give up. Despite their failure as a recording act, the boys have managed to successfully carve out a career in television hosting various programs in the Uk including TOTP Reloaded, Level Up and their latest show - Do Something Different!

So while we most likely will never have another single from the boys... we'll always have this pop gem which I happened to love!

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