Monday, July 30, 2007

I'll Soon Be Gone Now...

I recently found out a little trivia fact for you...

What song holds the record for having the longest vocal note held by a singer?

It's held by Morten Harket the lead singer of A-Ha. In 2000 their single 'Summer Moved On' hit the Uk top 40. In the track Morten holds a vocal note for 20.2 seconds; The longest vocal note ever held in a Uk top 40 hit.

This was done without any vocal stretching effects and you can hear him hit the note live at one of their concert appearances.

A-Ha are probably most famous for their huge 80's hit - 'Take On Me,' but suprisingly the band has continued recording to this day and has had moderate success recently in Europe with some of their singles.

I'm actually a big fan of their track 'Did Anyone Approach You.' I love his voice in this one and the way it builds up as it goes along. What do you think?

One of their most recent hits was 'Analogue' which I'm posting for you as well. This track has a great use of piano against a guitar. A-Ha has really shown that they are a talented band and deserve the recognition they've received with their last two albums.

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