Saturday, August 18, 2007

I Know How I Feel About You Now..

The Sugababes are back!

This is the band that just keeps on giving! The Sugababes have been around since 1998 and have since released 18 hit singles and 5 hit albums around the world. The Sugababes have had more top ten hits with original songs than any group since The Supremes, Destiny's Child & Bananarama. They have sold over 9 million albums, scoring succes across Europe and Asia... with number one hits in the Uk, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Austria and New Zealand. They were the first pop group to ever play the Glastonbury Festival.

I have seen the Sugababes 3 times live now and they are one of the most talented live acts around.

Despite all the success you may be suprised to hear that the band almost didn't make it. During a promotional tour for their debut album, founding member Siobhan Donaghy left the group amongst fights between the girls and clinical depression. In 2001 it was announced that Heidi would be the replacement. But despite a top 40 record in the Uk and peaking at number 7 in Germany, their record label was not impressed. The Sugababes were dropped from London records in 2001.

The group had already begun working on their second album and soon were signed to Island Records. When the new single 'Freak Like Me' was released in 2002 it went Number 1 in both the Uk and Ireland. (I bet London records must be kicking themselves now!)

From then on everything success has followed the girls everywhere. 'Round Round' was their second number one in the Uk and the album debuted at number 2. The success continued with the groups 3rd album - 'Three' with another number one single and 3 top ten singles in the Uk.

On October 16th 2005, the girls had their first number 1 album. On that same day, the girls celebrated being number one on the albums, singles and download charts all at the same time.

But just when things seemed perfect... the problems started again. On Dec. 21st 2005, Mutya announced she also was leaving the band. With only one original member remaining it was announced the Sugababes would carry on with a new member who would help carry on taking the Sugababes brand of music forward.

After a successful greatest hits album, tour and duet with Girls Aloud the girls are back with a brand new single 'About U Now.' The track isn't very typically Sugababes and it is at the same time. I wasn't sure what I thought about it at first but I've decided that I LOVE it! I think it might even be one of my favorite Sugababes singles!

You can download their new single and some of my favorite Sugababes songs below.

Sugababes - About U Now

Sugababes - Good To Be Gone

Sugababes - Stronger

Sugababes - Whatever Makes You Happy

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