Saturday, August 18, 2007

I Still Believe Our Love Is The Answer...

Back in 1999 our local radio station here in Vancouver, BC started playing a song from an unknown swedish singer, Bosson; that song was - We Live. I've always wondered how a small Swedish singer got his track played on Canadian radio before he ever hit it big!

Bosson actually ended up having one hit single in North America when his track "One In A Million" from his second album was featured in the film 'Miss Congeniality.' The song ended up hitting top ten in various European countries and Asia. In June Bosson released his 4th studio album featuring his version of Magnus Carlssons - Live Forever.

This was released in 2002 and wasn't successful - hitting #40 in Sweden. But this is actually my all time favorite Bosson song. I've actually never found anyone else that likes this song! So if you like it leave a comment below so I know I'm not the only one in the world that loves this track.

Bosson - We Live (1999)


obsessed-with-music said...

Well, probably I'll be the second one on this Earth to love "This Is Our Life". Back in 2002 when I came across his album I picked this song among others. Still it remains one of the best Bosson's tracks for me. By the way don't you find that the track "Love This Life" from the latest album is very similar and can be called "This Is our Life-2"? :)

markymarky said...

Love it so much,thank you for introducing it to me and thank you so much for an incredible site love it,love it!!!!!!