Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are You Listening?!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately... I've obviously been spending way too much time at the beach! But today I'll reward you all for your patience with not one, but three new posts!

I've been listening to some old songs and although the tracks aren't new... they're great and I still listen to them often and they're just as good as the first time I heard them.

Lets begin with Hanson.

I know we all remember 1997 when Hanson were EVERYWHERE. You couldn't turn on the radio without hearing one of the singles from their debut album "Middle Of Nowhere." Anyone else still remember all the words to MMmBop?

This band has been active from 1992 - 2007 without a break!

I admit I was a HUGE Hanson fan back in the day. Despite being labeled another 'boyband' Hanson had genuine talent. They wrote and performed their own material.

The were rewarded with massive international success! But despite breaking records with their debut album... their record label didn't do much to ensure the bands success. Their debut album was followed up with rapidly released albums such as a Christmas album, a live album, an album of unreleased demo tracks...

Despite the initial success the band did not release a true 2nd album until 2000. But due to poor sales their record label pulled funding for the tour and then dropped the band.

The band decided to release their music independently from then on... starting with the 2004 album 'Underneath.' The album has become one of the all time best selling Independent albums in the USA. The album debuted at #25 in the Billboard 200.

The songs I'm about to post are 2 of my all time favorite Hanson songs.

Lost Without Each Other was the 2nd single from their Independent album 'Underneath.' The song is a fun, upbeat rock track. The chorus is immensely catchy and will have you singing along from the first listen!

A Minute Without You is a track from their debut album. This album was filled with radio friendly tracks that could have easily been singles. This one was my favorite right from the start... it's a shame it was never picked to be a single.

Hanson is another example of what is wrong with the music industry. Before Hanson became independent, Def Jam records turned down over 80 songs from the band... saying they weren't marketable.
The band has just released their 2nd Independent album, you can find it on iTunes.

Hanson - Lost Without Each Other (2005)

Hanson - Minute Without You (1997)

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Poster Girl said...

Oh, how I love "Lost Without Each Other"--fantastic song that really should've brought them back to the mainstream again, should've been a real hit. Great choice!