Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm Not Like You... I'm Not Who You Are

For those of you that don't know... Alexander shot to fame as the winner of the first season of German Idol "Deutschland sucht den SuperStar" in 2002. He ended up winning the competition with 70% of the vote.

Alexander has released 3 studio albums. Despite success with his first two albums which both reached #1, his 3rd album which had a much more mature sound failed to see similar success. After only one single which reached #16 and the album peaking at #20 the record label cancelled all further singles and promotion.

Alexander is currently working on a 4th album to be sung completely in German.

Here are some of my favorite Alexander tracks.

This was his last single and a bit of a departure from his previous two albums. A little more mature and grown up. A bit of a rocky edge to it. I love the chorus and how it builds up as it goes along.

This is from his debut album... obviously a lot more POP! This is totally a summer, driving in your car, top down and singing along type song. His 2nd single back in 2003.
Just a random album track that stood out for me.
BONUS: Alexander - Not Like You (Album Version)
A little more relaxed and less of an adge than the radio version.


snazzyzeo said...
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snazzyzeo said...
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snazzyzeo said...

'not like you' was written by Nick Carter of BSB and was supposed to be on his second studio album. he toured with a mix of the song that is almost identical to the Album Version of alex. my guess is when the second album got shelved, he sold the song and the mix to alex's label. they probably redid the track for radio because the style was a few years out of date. one of my favorites