Tuesday, August 07, 2007

There Will Be No Turning Back...

Today I'm going to post another song from an artist that I never would have imagined that I would be listening to... Annie Lennox. Perhaps best known as her role in the 'Eurythmics.'

In 2003 Annie released her 3rd solo album 'Bare' and the first single from that album was 'Pavement Cracks.'

I actually first heard the song as a remix which actually went #1 in the US dance charts. While I wasn't particularly impressed with the remix... I was completely floored when I heard the album version.

The song opens up really simple and you almost think it's going to be a really boring track from an aging washed up 80's singer. About one minute in things start to get interesting. More and more sounds get added as the song goes along, layers and layers get added until the final bridge rockes out before settling down again.

I do think the song could have a bit more umph added to it at the end... but overall this track is a pop masterpiece!

Since finding this track I went back and downloaded some older Annie Lennox singles and found that she has a history of releasing great pop tracks. So I'm including the SPECTACULAR single 'Walking On Broken Glass' for you as well!

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