Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Let's Go To The Place Where The Boys Are Pretty...

Anyone remember back in 2000 when you couldn't turn on a radio without hearing "It Goes Around The World... LA LA LA LALA."

Pop music was so much more simple then. We didn't need real lyrics... we were happy with LA's and Ooh's and Dum's or DA BA DEE's.

That's where ATC came in. ATC stood for 'A Touch Of Class' but after they were sued by DJ ATB they started to go by the full name. The debut single 'Around The World' became the most played song in history in Germany, staying at Number 1 there for 6 weeks! The track became an instant hit across Europe and even hit the charts in Canada and the USA.

After their 2nd album failed to create any real success the band decided to split up, but not before releasing 3 singles off that final album!

Their 2nd album was a HUGE improvement over the first album, which relied mostly on songs that were almost identical to 'Around The World.'

The band also will be remembered as one of the Gayest bands ever... almost beating out Alcazar!

So let's all remember the simplicity that was ATC.


snazzyzeo said...

can you post the track 'maybe' from their second album? i have it only in low quality and its awesome!

obsessed-with-music said...

I used to like them back then, but still don't you think it's a little exaggeration comparing their influence to Alcazar? :)

Troy said...

You're right about the alcazar comment. ATC have nothing on them. But the guys in the NYC video... they sure are gay :)