Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Ark To Helsinki

WOW... Its almost 3am and what a night!

First off the Globen was AMAZING... this huge white globe basically and as we pulled up on the train it was lit up from the inside with purple and blue lights... there were people EVERYWHERE and a bridge lined with Melodifestivalen flags led to the globen arena. One thing that I cant get over is how many different kinds of people there were and how this kind of music is still cool over here! Like when the cd came out on Friday there was a huge line up of people all there buying the cd on the first day. The atmosphere inside the Globen was fantastic. Most of you will have seen the show online so I dont need to bore you all with the details, but here are some of the highlights from inside...

Inside the audience went wild for The Ark and Mans... which is no suprise as they were supposed to be the audience favorites. My girl Sanna Nielsen also received a hearty response from the audience!

First when Magnus Carlsson came out to announce the scores from one of the jurys the crowd went wild... NO other artist got such a response... the host actally had to stop and acknogledge the resounding response from the audience! I couldn't hear what they said to Magnus... but the audience showed that they wanted to see him in the final... it was really really cool.

Also it was pretty sad that Marie hardly received any points... but when she FINALLY received her first points the audience gave her a huge cheer as well.

While I like Cara Mia better than The Worrying Kind... I think The Ark was the best choice to send on to Finland.

After the show I went to a huge club and it was the most insane club Ive ever been too! They played Cara Mia 4 times by the time I had left... and the crowd went spastic every time! One thing about Swedes... they love their Schlager and they LOVE to sing along!

This has been the trip of a lifetime! I can't wait to come back next year... anyone wanna come?!



Poster Girl said...

Wow--it sounds absolutely amazing! "Cara Mia" four times in a club, people singing along to sounds perfect :) I loved Sanna's final performance--definitely buying her new (well, greatest hits) album (and some others, too). It's great to hear that Magnus was so well-received, too--"Live Forever" definitely deserved to be in the final. Did anyone really want Tommy Nilsson there? Couldn't we have just swapped him in instead?

Thanks so much for all the reports! Next best thing to actually being there.

Troy said...

Actually no one cared that Tommy didnt get any votes really... The response from the crowd was mediocre at best. I honestly think people would have been happier if Magnus had replaced him instead. It was really great to have everyone cheer Magnus on like that... you could tell he was really touched. They played Magnus 3 times at the club lol

Im just at the airport now! With all this new Swedish music i have may have to dedicate the blog completely to Sweden!

melodimen said...

Wonder if SVT realise the international following of Melodifestivalen?!

So many could have beens, Magnus definitely. Shame the result was so pedictable - The Ark is OK - but would have prefered more sprinkling of poppy schlager - poor old Anna!

We missed not being at the Globen, the atmosphere looked great.

Enjoy your flight and listening to your CDs!

Digital Technique said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time! Would love to have been there - maybe next year!! Can't wait to hear some of the Swedish music you have bought!! Hope your flight was good!!

Richard said...

I completely got into Melodifestivalen this year - I wish that the U.K. would do something at least remotely similar rather then making it seem like our selection procedure is used just to fill a bit of time on Saturday night.

Adrian said...

I must go next year. Must. Must. Must. Must. Must.