Saturday, March 31, 2007

Looking for Some Place To Hde... Like Emotional Refugees


I'm taking a slight break from Sweden and making a quick stop in The Netherlands.

Back in 2000 through an Idol's like show "Starmaker" the band K-otic was born.Their debut album had a string of hits but in 2001 one of the members, Sita, left the group to go solo. Sita has since had a string of hits across Europe and even hit the US with her single - Happy & Smile.

K-otic gave it one more go releasing a 2nd album - Indestructible, which goes down in pop history as a pop gem. The band did a lot of covers as well. I've included some of the better ones below for you to check out. For a brief moment in time I was a HUGE K-otic fan and now you can discover them below.
I have some of their videos but I dont know how to put em online. If anyone has a request though let me know.
This was their first single from their 2nd album and was a big hit for them in the Netherlands. The song is hard hitting. I love that the guys and the girls both get pretty equal singing time.
The song has a great guitar backing although it's a very typical song from a Popstars type band.
One of my favorite album tracks from 'Indestructible.' I love the hard hitting bit... i thinky ou'll know what I mean when you hear it.
The 2nd single from the 2nd album. This was the first song I ever heard from the band and was the song that I fell in love with. The ending is quite good when all the members start to sing differnt parts of the song at the same time; it fits together pefectly.
Madonna Ray Of Light? Nope, It's K-otic! I can only describe this song as a fun simple pop song. It's nothing special but easy to sing along to and catchy.
K-otic didn't really do ballads too well... something about their slow songs almost comes across as country-ish to me? This is probably my favorite slow track they did.
Not nearly as good as Bossons version with Emma Andersson. K-otic don't do anything different with the track but it's interesting to hear different vocals on the track.
Who hasn't sung this song? Originally by Lonestar I know it's been covered recently in the Uk by Duncan James ex member of 'Blue'
Youtube suprisingly doesn't have much to offer from K-otic, but here is their debut video.
Their First single: Damn (I Think I Love You)

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