Sunday, March 18, 2007

They're Flying The Flag For You!

The Uk is often accused of not taking the Eurovision Song Contest seriously. Their songs have consistently been in the bottom ranking of the songs for years. Well on Saturday night the British public voted for their 2007 entry and have selected Scooch!

Scooch were basically a bland Steps copy cat band that had acouple top 40 hits back in 2000 before splitting up. Somehow they re-formed and decided to enter "Making Your Mind Up" to represent the Uk at Eurovision. Although they had some stiff competition their camp performance, uniforms, sexual innuendo and catchy chorus won the public over and Scooch are going to Finland!

The song is catchy, cheesy and extremely fun! The performance is hilarious and they're sure to make a splash at the ESC. Whether the rest of Europe will see the humour and fun in Scooch's track reminas to be seen so judge for yourself!

Scooch - Flying The Flag (For You)

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Troy said...

Wow... no one's really downloading this one! Poor Scooch!