Friday, March 09, 2007

Stockholm Calling!

Hey everyone!

Just over 24 hours until the big night! The general public over here believe that The Ark will win tomorrow. I tend to agree with poppostergirl, that The Ark, Andreas Johnson & Sebastian will all pull votes from the same type of viewer and that this could leave an open door to Mäns Zelmerlow! Just remember that the final score is a comination of the public vote and the jury vote. In the past the public and the jury have voted for the same song to win... but for the past two years they have not voted the same way! It could be anyones game tomorrow night. Mäans & The Ark are guaranteed to be in the top 3... who do you think will be up there with them? Personally I would LOVE to see Sanna up there... she deserves it. Also Sonja Aldens ballad has touched a lot of people and is sure to have alot of votes on Saturday!

NEWS - Last night I actually met one of the song writers who has 2 songs in Melodifestivalen this year. He had a part in both Mäns & Sanna Nielsens songs! So that was my little brush with fame while in Sweden... Sanna has taken out a restraining order so I can't stalk her anymore unfortunately lol - just kidding.

CDS - So I'm up to like 50 cds now. I can't believe how much I've spent. I'll post a list and you guys can vote on which albums you want to hear? I do suggest that everyone order 'Melodifestivalen 2007' The album was released today and features all 32 songs in a 2 CD set. THe artists have begun to released their personal albums as well. Artists like Sanna Nielsen, Andreas Johnson, Jimmy Jansson & Sebastian have already released their new albums as well. You can buy all of these albums - Here

One of the highlights of the trip so far has been the Vasamuseet. Basically a well preserved Viking ship was found at the bottom of the harbour in Sweden. The ship was raised and is now the centerpiece of the ´Vasa Museum.' It was pretty spectacular to see in person. TOday I'm off for more shopping and to check out the Royal Palace.

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