Friday, March 16, 2007

Thats The Moment I Miss You...

So I'm in love and I'd like to introduce you all to my new boyfriend... Evan!

His music is spectacular. It's best described as full of unrestrained fanfares and grandiose moments. His albums are sweeping and dramatic and push the boundaries of pop, dance and classical music. To date he has released two albums and a handful of singles but has yet to make a big impact on the charts which is a shame. He has to be one of my new all time favorite artists!

Discover Evan below.

Every song is amazing I want to post them all!

If there is one album you buy this month make it Evan - Under Your Spell


Poster Girl said...

Fabulous choice of new boyfriend! :) I keep meaning to buy his first album, but the second is excellent. I can't think of anyone else making music like him. "Under Your Spell" should have done better at MF, even if the song does sound better in studio than live.

Adrian said...

Under Your Spell was ace, and he is gorgeous (even better than in that picture too!). Can't wait to hear these, as I'm sure they're great.

Troy said...

I actually e-mailed Evan and he actually e-mailed back!

He's a little dissapointed he hasn't had the big "HIT" he's been looking for. He says rather than working on a new album he's just focusing on writing the best songs he can.

He says he'd like to release an international album with the best tracks of both cd's and some new ones... but we'll have to wait and see!