Monday, March 05, 2007

Hej From Sweden!

Hey Everyone,

So I made it to Sweden and wanted to give a quick update!

1. Melodifestivalen - I got to watch the 2nd Chance round live on TV which was pretty cool. I know most of you have all seen it online by now but to see it live and not just on the computer was awesome. There really was never any competition at all... It was obvious that Sonja would dominate her battles and go straight to the final, the audience loved her. The real question was who would win when it came down to Sanna vs. Jessica. I found that Jessica had a bit of an attitude so I'm pretty happy that Sanna won. The final running of songs has been announced and as usual the favorites to win have been put in first & last place. I feel like The Ark has the best chance of winning but I think Mans will put up a good fight. The final has been known to throw a suprise now and then so it could be anyones game! I would be happy with Mans or The Ark so either way I'm happy.

2. Cd's - I've now bought over 32 cd's here! Albums from artists like Agnes, Shirley Clamp, Friends, Peter Joback, Anders Johanssen, Barbados, Magnus Carlsson and more... So once I get home you can expect that I will have a lot of new music to post for you all.

3. Sweden is cold and everyone here speaks Swedish! This has caused acouple problems for me here... like when i went to the grocery store and ended up stealing some bags that I didn't realise you have to pay for. THe lady at cash got all flustered and didn't speak english! The country is great though, people are reserved but very nice.

The Final takes place on March 10th! Once I get home I'll post some new music for ya!

See Ya!



melodimen said...

Enjoy your time in Sweden!

Hopefully you'll find most people do speak English even when you try to speak Swedish!

Should be a great night in the Globen - wish we were there too!

Poster Girl said...

Have a great time! But I'm sure you will. Can't wait to hear about it...and to hear some of the new music ;) I'd be in real trouble if I had to speak Swedish--I think the only word I know is "och," which isn't exactly useful without other words to accompany it.

Jimzip said...

That's really funny..
Well I suppose sometimes you do have to pay for bags.. though.. yeah that's weird I'm just gonna say it..
Sounds like you're having fun!
See you when you get back!

Jimzip :D

Schlagerboys said...

The Schlagerboys had to take an extra suitcase to Stockholm to bring back all the Melodifestivalen CD singles...

Strange that we never manage to buy as many UK CDs....