Monday, March 26, 2007

Markus Fagervall vs Erik Segerstedt

Today we put two artists up against each other in a fierce battle to see who will come out as the popstar on top.

Markus and Erik are no strangers to competition as both were featured in the 2006 edition of 'Idols' in Sweden. Both artists made it to the final 2 and competed against each other back in December 2006. When the dust settled and the votes were counted Markus was crowned the winner. Since then both artists have released their debut singles and albums. So did markus deserve his crown? Who's album is better? Who's got the better voice? Who's better looking? Decide for yourself.

1. The Name: Markus Fagervall and Erik Segerstedt. Their first names are original and don't remind me of any other artists but those last names. VERY Swedish and not very attractive. So I'd say it's a tie.


2. The Album Covers:

Is it just me or does Markus look like he hasn't seen the sun in a long time. I know this picture was taken sometime in the winter but i'm sure they have tanning booths in Sweden. He looks sort of out of it. I'm not feeling the album art either. The Lion and the font is a bit distracting.

Not only does Erik have great use of shadow he has stubble which is always hot. He's wearing a wrist band - bonus style points there. The font is a bit boring but we'll forgive that. Erik wins best cover.

3. Song Writers & Producers: The winning Idol song 'Everything Changes' was written by none other than Jorgen Elofsson. I suggest you pull out your favorite swedish pop albums and I Guarantee you'll find a song written by him. 'Everything Changes' was Markus' first single but you'll find Erik's version as a bonus track on his album as well. Besides that song I don't recognize any of the wong writers on his album and most of the songs were written by the same people. Erik on the other hand has some amazing talent on his album. He has songs written by Brian McFadden of Westlife fame, Jorgen Elofsson, Andreas Carlsson (One of the greatest writers of all time), he covers a track by Bob Dylan and even takes the reigns by writing one of his own songs. The winner? Erik Segerstedt.

4. Best Album: With most of Markus' songs written and produced by all the same people I find most songs on the album sound the same. While 'Everything Changes' is very radio friendly no other song really stands out from the album as Markyus has clearly decided to lean toward a rockier sound on his album. Erik's album shows more diversity and while there are quite a few filler songs the album has a few jewels and shouldn't have a problem finding 3 or 4 songs to release as singles. The winner? Erik Segerstedt.

5. Chart Success: Markus saw his debut single enter the charts at #1 with 'Everything Changes.' Erik's debut single 'I Can't Say I'm Sorry' also entered the charts at #1!
Makus' album has already gone double platinum in Sweden and remains a hit in the albums chart today. Erik's album entered the chart at #2 and stayed there for 2 weeks before dropping.
The Winner? Short Term - Markus Fagervall Long Term - Results Pending

6. Looks: So this may have nothing to do with their musical talent but it's still fun. In this category Markus is no competition as Erik is clearly heart throb material.

7. Voice: Markus wins this one. Erik's voice is a little higher pitched and nasally. Markus has a richer deeper voice.
Song 1:
Song 2:
Song 3:
*My Personal Winner - Erik Segerstedt. He may not have won 'Idols' but he's proved that 2nd place can be just as good as first.

Now for you to decide for yourself. Below you'll find my favorite tracks from their albums. Listen and leave your votes in the comments section.


Poster Girl said...

I wasn't too sure about Erik given his first single, but I really like "2 Happy 2 Soon" and "How Did We Change"--what a great surprise!

From what I've heard, I second your vote. Great judging criteria, too ;)

Jay said...

I can't really shake the feeling that Erik Segerstedt, although he's really way cute, sounds incredibly arrogant on "I can't say I'm sorry". Or maybe not sound but look - because I keep confusing his version and the original because they sound almost identical, but I want to smack him and Bryan Rice comes across so cuddly.

Troy said...

Jay - i always felt something was off on "Cant Say That I'm Sorry" and I think you've got it. Something about the way he comes across on that song in particular throws me off.

londonboy79 said...

Hey, I love your blog.
I've linked it on mine