Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Still Have My Pride & It Keeps Me Alive...

In 1995 Joee exploded onto the Canadian music scene when his remake of "Died In Your Arms" went #1 across Canada and hit the Billboard top 100 in the US. His debut album spawned 4 top 10 singles in Canada and Joee quickly became one of the biggest eurodance artists in the country. His last single 'Angel' was a massive hit in clubs and radio proving not only could Joee sing but was a talented song writer as well.

In 1998 his second album "Truth" was released featuring a more mainstream mix of songs ranging from dance to ballads to r and b influenced tracks. His singles "If I Could" & "Do You Right" went top ten and the videos garnered heavy rotation on Much Music. He was also nominated for 2 Juno awards, in 1998 & 2000. By 1999 "Truth" had sold over 25'000 copies in Canada without support from a major record label.

In 2000 Joee scored a record deal with 'Universal' and released the club hit "I Don't Believe You" and had another radio hit with "Arriba."
2002 was a big year for Joee as Universal released his 3rd album 'Sunshine' off the back of another club hit "Does That Make You Happy." But when his subsequent single "Sunshine" failed to prove successful at radio and the album flopped in the charts 'Universal' cancelled all further singles and ended their contract with Joee.

In 2004 Joee released 'A Decade of Dance,' a greatest hits compilation on an independent label. That was the last release to this date.

Now you can discover Joee for yourself with some of my favorite Joee tracks below.

Probably my favorite Joee song of all time. I think this is probably the best song he has ever recorded. The lyrics are fantastic and I think the song does a good job of not being "too dancey." This song definitely could have been an international hit single.

I bought the single before I had ever even heard the song and boy was I happy I did. The lyrics are very in your face which I love. There is also an alarm type sound thatsounds throughout the track which is fun as well. My only problem with Joee songs are that the beats are often very "generic" dance beats.

Angel is such a sweet song and it a rare song that works perfectly as a dance track and a ballad. The song has been remixed multiple times over the years and while this is one of the originals from 1997 I think it still sounds good today.

This song takes no chances and is very radio friendly. I do feel like this track is a bit "dated" but see for yourself. This was a big radio hit in 1998.

Watch the video for - Arriba below

*Now I'd like to know what you think! If you'd like me to post songs from more artists like Joee leave a message in the "Comments" section of this post.


snazz said...

blast from the past! thanks! Angel hit american radio when i was in high school and i was obsessed with it. i bought his Truth CD when i visited toronto that year and loved it, but then lost track when he didnt have another hit in the US. never heard these remixes before, so thanks for that! would love to hear some of his other albums...
i had to dig through my CD collection to find Truth, but it was worth it!

Poster Girl said...

So, how excited am I about Måns making it to the final? Ecstatic! Still sad about Magnus's song being cut, though, but it does mean I don't have to worry about which to support. "Cara Mia" is by far my favorite song in the final...assuming nothing better than it crops up this Friday/Saturday, it has to win!

I can't believe I'd never heard of Joee before you started writing about him! I love the songs! Plus, that "Arriba" video is really making me wish summer was here.

Troy said...

Thank god for Mans making it through! Im so excited for that!

Joee is great! His albums aren't anything to get too excited over but he's had some great tracks.

I'll try and post some more of his last album 'Sunshine' there were some ok tracks on that one you might like snazz!