Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't Walk Away & Leave Me This Way...

NOTE: Im on my way to the airport where I will take a plane from Vancouver, Canada to Stockholm! On March 10th i will be at the Globen live to see the 2007 Melodifestivalen Final! I plan on stalking stars like Linda Bengtzing & Darin as well ;-) I will try to update you with news from Sweden but if not i'll be back with updated on March 12th! In the spirit of Sweden here is Jessica Folker!

In 1998 Pop music was at it's peak. Aritists like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys & *NCYNC dominated record sales and charts aroudn the world. One of the most successful song writers to survive that era is the super swede Max Martin. Name a famous pop song and there is a good chance he is behind it!

One artist to rise to fame with a little help from Max Martin is 'Jessica Folker.' When her debut album was released in 1998 it was an instant hit. She became an instant star across Scandanavia & all across Asia where her song "Goodbye" became the most played song on Korean radio in 1999.

In Sweden two singles from the debut album hit number one 'Tell Me What You Like' & 'How Will I Know (Who You Are)' both selling platinum! In 1999 she made history becoming the first artist to ever win 2 awards at the NRJ awards in Sweden.

In 2000 her second album "Dino" was released and Jessica had her sights on the US market. The lead single "To Be Able To Love" failed to make a real dent on US radio but remixes by Jonathan Peters helped the song to become a US Club hit. Throughout 2001 Jessica saw continued success throughout Europe and specifically in Korea when another of her singles shot to number 1 there.

Since then Jessica has competed in Melodifestivalen both in 2005 & in 2006 with "When Love's Coming Back" which failed to make it to the finals. Both were AMAZING songs but I found that although she has an amazing voice she lacks a good stage performance.

Rumour is Jessica is working on a new album and I can't wait!


Poster Girl said...

Have an amazing time (I'm sure you will, though)! Love the post on Jessica--I know her through some of her songs, but not all of them. She has such a distinctive voice, and it's one I love...somewhat selfishly, I hope her new album's in English, but I'm sure it'll be great if it's in Swedish, too ;) I can't wait to hear about Melodifestivalen!

miLo sKilos said...

im a fans of hers!
i love her voice and music.
wonder when she will get internationally famous again?