Saturday, February 03, 2007

Crime Of Melodifestivalen

Can I just say... The fact that it is a crime that Andreas Lundstedt - Formerly of 'Alcazar' and his song 'Move' did not make it to the finals in Melodifestivalen.

Luckily his old bandmate Magnus (Who competed last year) will take a shot later this month.

Watch the performance and let me know if you agree.


Jamie said...

I love Andreas! He was the original Alcazar hunk. I met Magnus in Stockholm and he seemed a bit prissy and up himself. I liked the song but I think the swedes probably remember the swiss dirge he featured in last year.

Anything would have been better than that craggy dinosaur Tommy Nilsson. Bad Swedish Public! It serves them right if he wins and they get nul points......

Adrian said...

Poor Andreas!

I don't think the Swedes like him! I like the song, but it doesn't really sit with Andreas-from-Alcazar. It's even quite different to LoveGun, and his other singles.

Totally agree with Jamie. No more Nilsson, the lizard man!