Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Crime That Is Melodifestivalen Part 2

Well night 2 of the Melodifestivalen Semi-Finals is over and done!
I actually did a pretty good job with my predictions. The Ark moved straight to the final round while Jimmy Jansson & Jessica Anderson will get a second chance in 3 weeks time.

The biggest suprise of the night was the debut of Marie Lindberg who WOWED the audience and ended up in 2nd place. Her song is good but way too slow for what I think a Melodifestivalen song should be.

The biggest upset is that Cosmo4 ended up in 5th place and just like Andreas Lunstedt last week, they will not get a chance to perform their song again.

"What's Your Name" has everything a true pop song needs... a Helicopter, whistling and lots of yelling HEY! Download 'Whats Your Name' below and see what you think!

For now we look forward to Magnus & Nanne to bring the competition to a new level next weekend. Stay tuned here for all the details!


Poster Girl said...

"everything a true pop song needs... a Helicopter, whistling and lots of yelling HEY!"

Yup, that sounds about right to me :) It was a great feels like it could be a radio hit, so I'm hoping for that, at least.

I am so excited for next week--it should be so good!

Digital Technique said...

Am so shocked that Cosmo4 did not get through!! It is one of the best Eurovision songs I have heard so far this year!!

Can't wait for next week - the first 2 semi finals have included so many great songs - am really excited to see what else they will have!

Have posted some Eurovision songs on my blog - only 1 from Melodifestivalen, the rest are from the Danish, Norwegian, Estonian and Polish selection shows!! See what you think!!